Tyson Moultrie  is the a seasoned veteran of the business and has been immersed in entertainment. Prior to founding A La Mode PR (ALMPR), a specialty PR firm, he was the Creative Director at Freedom Of Style Creative, the executive publicity director at the independent entertainment collective Blended Arts Entertainment, during this time he also circulated as a special guest host on 90.7 FM and went on to serve as the Head of Creative Management & Relations at A La Mode Management Group (ALMMG), as a premier strategist for business, management, music, culture, branding and politics.

Moultrie took a hiatus from ALMMG and an oath to serve the United States as a reserve member of the World’s greatest air power the United States Air Force as a 3D1X3, RF Transmission Systems Specialist, currently still honoring that oath. Moultrie, shortly thereafter, officially become Chief Communications Officer (CCO) at Why Blue Matters?®  and Head Curator of Creative Content at WBM/AUTR Publications, the notable online source for socially-conscious journalism and media. Resulting in ALMMG moving to strictly a traditional managerial firm. Moultrie has an advanced grasp of Social Media Marketing & PR, in a digital age where relevance is one click away. NBC’s MassAppeal showcased Tyson Moultrie (ALMMG) as an industry expert and as a recognizable name in independent business, PR and entertainment on the rise, Moultrie has been interviewed and has received features from the likes of; Jezebel, Hip Hop Weekly, The Advise Show and Conversations Live.

Socialpreneur & GQ Insider, Tyson Moultrie, is one-half of the partnership who run Why Blue Matters?® Hybrid Creative Agency + Publication specializing in Strategic Branding, Marketing Innovations, Social Media, Creative Consulting & PR. The Media Trainer for Nellyville Season 2, VIP Guest on Nick Cannon’s Wild’N’Out Season 7, Forbes 30 Under 30 Nominee for 2017, as well as started the first ever Snapchat TV Network, WHYBM Network, and industry recognized Snapchat TV Show, deCODED Sexes with business partner, A.L. Roberts. A writer with Are You The Reason, PopWrapped and Brand Ambassador for brands such as Sharp AQUOS, Hylete, LD West & Mophie. All while being a member of the United States Air Force, currently on reserve duty.

Most recently, Tyson co-founded the non-profit initiative, #NOTATHREAT Movement, on a mission to spread diversity, cultural appreciation and understanding of civil liberties through the simple realization that being different is not a threat to the human race, but merely a means to advance it. As well as authored his first inspirational book as well, “Inspired by BLUE: Daily Motivational Verses to Inspire You & Improve Your Life” co-authored by A.L. Roberts.



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